First Weeks At Home

This is a sponsored post with author of Teresa in partnership with CATALO and The Motherhood. 

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of absolute bliss and total exhaustion as we’ve tried to acclimate to our new life as a family of six!


Family of six

I’m still getting used to saying it.  Alex mentioned on Sunday, that our pastor asked for prayers for our family…. “for all six of them”  and it caught him off guard.  We’re both still pinching ourselves and trying to make sense of our current situation.

Harrison is the best baby.  He’s super calm and doesn’t mind it when his brother and sisters try to hold him and kiss him. He’s such a trooper and is already fitting right in.  We’re still working on our nighttime routine. For some reason, he seems to get super gassy at night and it keeps him (and us) up for a long time.  He’s so cute though so I really don’t mind the late night snuggles.

Alex has been home with us for the past week and although we’ve had to tag team a lot of the house chores and kid responsibilities, it’s been nice to high-five each other as we’re getting everything done.  He also has been doing most of the cooking, which has been impressive and glorious! Alex has always been one to not just tackle a task, but excel and over deliver. Had it not been for him, we’d have sandwiches every night (not honey ginger mahi-mahi). We are also trying to develop healthier patterns when it comes to our food.  Sometimes healthy eating takes a back seat when we have a big life-changing event like welcome a new baby to the family.  Alex has done a great job at keeping us not just fed, but well nourished.

Along with a healthier diet, we are all supplementing with CATALO vitamins.  While pregnant, I took Folic Acid and Iron and continue to take a few essential vitamins.  The CATALO Iron vegetarian supplement is made of organic curry leaf which is grown on a certified organic farm with advanced technology to ensure efficacy, it provides 18mg Iron per serving to meet the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) and they don’t contain any chemicals or synthetic additives.   The Folic Acid is made of organic whole lemon peel, and it provides 800mcg of Folic Acid per serving to meet the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA).   I feel like taking these vitamins throughout my pregnancy has set me up for great overall postpartum health. 

New family member

This face gets me every time. 

Mum loves CATALO Iron & folic acid

Family members

They love holding him and ask to do it 3542 times a day.  

mum and her baby

CATALO Vegeterian Iron & Folic Acid Formula

Family members

These kids. They are so sweet to each other and make my mama heart so happy. Haddon and Grace love to kneel down next to Harrison and baby talk.  They share all about their day, tell him stories and try to distract him from crying.  Emory wants to kiss him 24/7 and I’m working on finding the balance between letting her interact with him and keeping him safe from her hugs.

mum and her baby

Family loves

I am really looking forward to a bit more sleep and to watching these littles continue to love on each other.

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