10 Benefits of Colostrum Formula For Babies

Colostrum is a pale, yellow “pre-milk” that’s produced by cows (as well as human mothers) and it’s available as a formula. Bovine colostrum could be one of the best superfoods you provide for your baby in his or her crucial first months of life. Whether you’re unable to breastfeed your baby or looking to supplement your child’s formula, bovine colostrum can provide your baby with all the critical nutrients and set your baby on the path to healthy development. By understanding the potential health benefits, you can make an informed choice about your newborn’s diet.

1. Easily available

Human mothers stop producing colostrum within the first 48 to 96 hours after giving birth, but bovine colostrum is readily available as a formula. This allows you and your baby to take advantage of colostrum, with all its nutritional benefits, in the early months of your baby’s life.

2. Improves gut health

Feeding your baby a colostrum formula could help improve your child’s gut health. Colostrum is high in the immunoglobulin protein sIgA, which could boost intestinal health, minimise inflammatory cytokines, and reduce the risk of irritable bowel syndrome and other conditions. As the gut is critical for nutrient absorption and immune function, colostrum formula could offer additional linked benefits as well.

3. Boost immune function


Colostrum formulations can be high in leukocytes, protective white blood cells, which could give it immune-boosting power when included in your baby’s diet. Along with the nutritional density, the leukocyte content could assist your baby defend against cold & flu, cough & upper respiratory tract infections, ear, nose, throat (ENT) infections. Newborns and older babies don’t have fully developed immune systems yet, so it’s important to give your little one extra help through his or her diet if you can.

4. Removes meconium

Colostrum formula has a slightly laxative effect and can assist with removing the meconium in your baby’s gastrointestinal system. Meconium is the dark green waste matter that lines your baby’s intestines during pregnancy. After birth, your baby will eliminate this through bowel movements, and this process can be helped along if you supplement with a colostrum formula.

5. Prevents jaundice

Bilirubin is a natural byproduct the body makeswhen red blood cells are broken down. Since newborn’s livers don’t consolidate bilirubinas well, it’s not uncommon for some babies to develop jaundice. Colostrum, however, has properties that could help assist it with expelling bilirubin from your baby’s body and minimise the risk of your baby developing jaundice.

6. Prevent stomach infections

Colostrum could help create a thicker coating in your newborn’s stomach and make it more challenging for germs to get a hold of your baby’s body. The layer it provides could act as a barrier against harmful bacteria trying to attach to your child’s epithelial tissues.

7. Source of energy

Like children of all ages, newborns need plenty of energy to grow and develop in their early months. Colostrum is a nutrient-dense product that contains healthy fats, proteins, and carbohydrates which will support your growing newborn’s unique energy needs. Whether used as a supplement or primary food source, bovine colostrum can provide an extra energy boost for your baby.

8. Promotes healthful sleep

Like other types of milk, colostrum is high in protein and fats. This can support your baby with healthful sleep by making your baby feel fuller for longer. Sound sleep can in turn promote healthy development and growth in your newborn.

9. Supports healthy growth and development

In the early months of their lives, newborns need specific nutrients to support growth and brain development. Small stomachs can make it more challenging to obtain the right balance of nutrients, so a nutrient-dense food or supplement like a bovine colostrum formula offers a great solution. With its combination of proteins, fats, minerals, antibodies, enzymes, and carbohydrates, colostrum delivers a powerful dose of nutrients in an easily digestible form.

10. Convenient for feedings

In formula form, bovine colostrum ensures it’s easy to schedule regular feedings and work your baby’s feedings around a busy schedule without worrying about whether your baby’s getting the right nutrition. Whether your baby is on breast milk or baby formula, bovine colostrum formula makes an excellent supplement to support growth and development.

Colostrum has been described as the perfect first food for newborn babies, who have unique nutritional needs. While mothers stop producing colostrum a few days after giving birth, you can still take advantage of the nutritional benefits of colostrum by supplementing with a bovine colostrum product designed for babies. Whether you’re supplementing for breast milk or baby formula, colostrum could help ensure your baby’s diet is healthful and complete.

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